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The Loved Dog Online Training Program

The Loved Dog

The Loved Dog Online Training Program

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Online Training Program from NYT Best Seller Author and Oprah's Personal Dog Trainer Tamar Geller.

The Loved Dog training program is designed specifically to make you and your dog feel loved, cherished and understood by each other. We see dog training as the vehicle on which to build the most amazing and rewarding relationship between you and your beloved doggie. At The Loved Dog we focus on empowering your dog to make good, smart and mindful decisions (without having to be told), and be as magnificent as possible so you can both enjoy the most awesome wonderful life together!

We all have that dream of what life with our dog will be like, but often reality is very different. I would love to show you a super fast and fun way to get your dream dog to become a reality.

Here's What You'll Get:

In this amazing program you will learn how to train your dog in a fun and loving way!

Over the next few weeks you will learn:

  • How to teach your dog to understand what you are saying - "Doglish"
  • How to use Treats the right way
  • Why your dog's name is sacred, and the importance of not using your dogs name!
  • The most important lesson "Leave It"
  • The power of "Sit"
  • Come - How to teach your dog how to want to come to you each time you call them
  • Down - Why teaching your dog the joy of Down is awesome
  • The secret of Stay
  • House Breaking - The 2 things your dog needs to learn when it comes to housebreaking!

This Course Includes Online Videos, PDF Checklists, Online Q&A, And More!

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